Friday, 4 March 2011

The previous some-number-of-months in review

Queenstown, June 2010, went down specifically for snow, looks like summer, bah! Obviously still gorgeous though.

And I did enjoy random forest lamp posts. Very Narnia.

Sydney, October 2010. Was two weeks in Australia, and it clouded and rained for at least two thirds or three quarters of that time. This particular day I got caught at the end of a pier under a convenient awning with a bicycle gang during an impressive downpour.

I think my favourite thing about Australia is all the amazing-coloured wild parrots. Not that I don't love our native birds, but these are so friendly, so gorgeous and total hellraisers - the great green-and-orange one went for the silver change in a Scottish guy's hand as he was feeding it into the parking meter, causing him to freak the crap out.

Auckland, January 2011. Narcotising hedge of jasmine that envelops our courtyard garden...

...and tends to cause one to stumble over to swoon 'neath the umbrella.

Feel good sunset of the summer. I'm amused to see that it looks like the photo was taken from 'twixt bush-covered hills, when really it's from my bedroom window.

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