Saturday, 3 November 2012

New York the fifteenth

I picked a good day to escape from New York. There's lootings where the power is out, violence in the gas station queues, the distinct smell of garbage piling up - the sanitation services have all been reassigned to storm cleanup duty.

Not to say New York still isn't amazing. It was crisp and sunny, the subway was free, and I had 90 minutes for a final fling.

The Lincoln Centre is a bunch of performing arts venues all together in a huge amazing complex. It's also where the Juilliard School is - you know, that place that people get accepted to and then can't attend because of dramatic reasons.

Lincoln Centre doggie.

The Metropolitan Opera House is currently showing a season of The Tempest. How spookily prescient.

I had no idea Chuck Bass lived on the West Side.

My last view of New York from the cab. The car service I had booked to the airport had to cancel due to no gas. I was super lucky to get a cab, and the driver told me he queued at a gas station from 1am until 6am. I suspected he was exaggerating, until we passed a queue for gas at least a kilometre long. Bloody hell. Needless to say, I tipped like a Rockefeller.

This was scribbled on the back of the driver's seat in my cab. How appropriate.

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