Friday, 2 November 2012

New York the fourteenth

Mostly shopping today. I only like shopping under two conditions: that I know what I want, and that I know where to get it. Souvenir shopping does not meet either of these requirements - but it's the unspoken price for getting picked up at the airport at the other end.

This is actually yesterday - Halloween cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery. I hope that the storm had thrown them off their game somehow and these are not the cupcakes that built an empire, because the half of one I ate was really really awful. I do like the black cat hiding in the icing though.

Amongst the Ns at the United Nations. Hi Helen!

O...K then.

Oh, this is really cool - the Helmsley Building on Park Ave. It's built over the road and the cars tunnel through it.

Not that I haven't already passed this way several times, but I finally got a photo. Wheeee!

Yikes. Overkill much?

Self portrait, Saks Fifth Avenue window.

Rat sculpture. Tee hee.

The astute reader will have noticed I'm not at the basketball right now. Postponed. Bah. No giant foam finger for Amy.

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  1. I could get you a Cena foam finger? You can put it with the confetti.