Thursday, 1 November 2012

New York the thirteenth

Hey, my thirteenth day in New York is Halloween! I wonder if this entitles me to a free haunting or face-rip-offening...

I walked right around Central Park today, up the west side and down the east. Central Park West is a bit of an obstacle course of fallen branches and leaf piles, but Upper East Siders seem to have used the power of hired help to clean their side up.

Hey, an Apple store queue. I don't think they're even queueing for anything, it's just something that spontaneously happens around Apple stores.

The Dakota. Imagine...if the park had been open and I'd been able to go to Strawberry Fields.

Freaking avalanche.

Northwest corner of Central Park, Fred Douglass Circle.

Bricked-up windows in Morningside Heights. Some nights you can still hear the screams...

Morningside Park and the Cathedral of St John the Devine. No barbecuing in this area - all religious martyrs must be crucified or beheaded.

The northeast and least impressive corner of the park, but I've caught them all now.

At least with all these closed gates you can get some really cool pictures of gates.

Upper East Side. I could totally stand to live here - even though I think it's actually a dentist's office.

Cute UES flower bed on the footpath.

Louis Armstrong sculpture on the Park Ave median strip.

And finally, books on the windowsill of my hotel's dining room. Smirk.


  1. Is the Joseph in the book the same one whose technicolour dreamcoat Louis borrowed?

  2. Did you read Twilight to pass the time during Sandy?

  3. Actually, we reenacted scenes from Joseph and His Brothers. And yes, I played Louis Armstrong.

  4. There were people queuing outside that apple store when I was there too! I laughed and headed straight for FAO Schwarz. Also, there's WAY too many pedicab things round there or round everywhere, really. Boo that the park is closed, I hope it opens before you leave!

  5. Woah, that bricked up building is uber creepy. Let the people out!