Wednesday, 13 April 2011

London the first

(It's all tomorrow now, and I've just been down to breakfast and am baconed up to here. There's enough bacon down there to go fully Homer Simpson on. I suspect Ang advised on the menu, bless her.)

Caught the Tube in from the airport to South Kensington, and found my hotel straight away through pure navigational skill and mostly luck. Headed out for a walk in order to enact my plan of combatting jet lag by simply denying its existence.

That's where I walked, anti-clockwise from the arrow. On the way, I saw more Swarovski stores than McDonald's restaurants. Aside from that being awesome, why do the English need so many crystal swans?

Chelsea Embankment.

Oh those crazy English and their big words. I believe in NZ this would be covered by the all-purpose ! sign.

Uh, you guys see that too, right?

This is what lampposts are in London. Rusty iron hell fish.

I saw this across the river and found it grotesquely fascinating - it's like the architect just kept plopping bits on until the money ran out. I looked it up and turns out it's MI6 headquarters. It guess it's a swerve, like, you're so busy staring at our ridiculous building that you won't notice us infiltrating your intelligence and sending Daniel Craig to punch you in the face.

I walked for ages along the river from Chelsea without seeing a landmark, and was about to pack London in altogether when this popped into view - Norman Foster's great glass orange juicer, 30 Axe St Mary. Of all the things I could have seen and recognised first in London, this struck me as the amusingest.

Then landmarks started popping up everywhere! I like how stuff like this just pops up as you round a corner. Around here is where I stopped taking pictures because the city was suddenly awash with large groups of European school children and it was all I could do to fight against them and avoid being swept back to an Ă‰cole Communale or whatever. But I'm heading over that way again now, so things you recognise ahoy!

Also, 10 out of 15 in the 13 April Stuff quiz. But I get an half-point handicap for every time zone I crossed, right?

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  1. Daniel Craig once punched me in the adverse camber.