Thursday, 21 April 2011

Paris the fourth

It was a rich full day of Louvreing today. I went three times, in fact, because the queue was short and swift and it was no problem to just take off for a while when the museum stupor started to set in. It's flipping amazing, both the collection and the building itself, and because it's purpose-built as a museum it flows properly and you don't feel you have to punch your way through people to see anything, unlike some places *cough-Versailles-cough*. It's quite stunning to think that I saw works by three of the four Ninja Turtles (apparently there's one Donatello there, but I missed it).

My photo taking got a bit out of control, so here is just a brief selection. After a while I wondered why I was taking photos at all. I knew most of them weren't turning out great, and the point is that I'm there. And I especially wondered at all the people getting their own photos taken in front of things. For...proof? Why would you lie about going to the Louvre?

Outside the pyramid, inside the pyramid.

This is how the Egyptians walked. I'd always wondered.

This messed with my eyes considerably.

Yeah, I used to do this when I was bored in maths too.

Inside each of these rings is a demon waiting to be released. Yes, I have been watching Buffy.

Crap, I forgot to get my Sphinx parking validated.

"No dessert until you finish your ankhs!"

The worrying part is that all these sarcophaguses are empty.

"I've fallen and I can't get up!"


"Bro, it's the cops!" Ancient stash hider.

For Bee, photographable sparklies.

If Salome asks you to dinner, just say no. The Head of St John The Baptist, Solario.

Raphael is my favourite. This is his Self Portrait With A Friend. They're adorable!

Who booked this crap? Hercules and Achelous, Guido Reni.

No! My wine! Circe, Guercino.

St George and the Dragon, Raphael. I was super-pleased to see this. And surprised at how small it is. It's hard to tell when you've only seen it in a textbook.

Yes, I saw it. I don't know. Is everybody elbowing each other to get to it because they want to, or because they feel like they should?

Inexplicably, Michael Cera. Portrait of a Man Holding a Statue, Bronzino.

So cool! I felt like high-fiving everyone in the vicinity when I saw it.

Ancient Colombian doohickey.

Red Bull gives you ankle wiiiiiings! From Mercury & Cupid, de Vries.

You bet I swooned when I saw it! Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss, Canova. Also surprisingly small, maybe three quarters life size.

Yes, you should all feel ashamed. Now go to your rooms!

There was a queue of Americans lined up at the help desk to complain that she wasn't gummy.

We're sending our love down a well.

Tomorrow is the last day of my museum pass, and I can't decide if I should go back, or if I should go to other things. I didn't even get to the Decorative Arts sections, or the English paintings. Gah!


  1. What are you talking about, your photos are awesome. I really regret not taking more photos when I was in the States. You might get back and do nothing with them, who knows. But in the meantime you're entertaining us loads. Or making us jelious.

    It is nice if you do an album (online, prints, book, whatever) and you're actually IN a photo or two, though.

    Raphael is the bomb.

  2. Oh, yes, in general the photos have been great, but most of the Louvre ones had heads in them, or bad lighting or weird angles or a big shine on the canvas.

  3. Oh, well, ART.

    Yeah, art is really, really, REALLY hard to take photos of, flash or no flash, light or no light. Just steal everything and make photocopies when you come home.