Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Paris the second some more

I misunderestimated the time it would take for the sun to set and it was still light almost two hours after I left and I was too tired to wait around for the lights to come on, but I saw some nice Paris at sunset instead. A worthy substitution, and without the worry of not being able to find my hotel in the dark and having to turn to a life of begging. The fashion for beggars in Paris is a sign that says how old they are. The French must look kindly on elderly. But not so kindly that they won't let them become beggars.
I need to walk in large squares instead of elongated rectangles, because I have to zoom out to capture the whole route and the place names get knocked off. Whatever. Look it up.

Pont des Artes. The trick is to cross on the ugly bridges so you can photograph the pretty ones.

The eastern (? - I don't know, what am I, Lord Baden-Powell?) facade of Notre Dame Cathedral. I think it's not actually goldy like that, but it's facing the sunset.

Notre Dame from further down, into deeper sunset.

Lens flare! Look out Michael Bay, I'm stealing your robotic disaster thunder!

Look at that guy up there, lording his victory over us. What a jerk. (I later read it's the allegorical figure of Peace. What a jerk.)

Joan of Arc. Not riding sidesaddle, I might point out, for the benefit of that dainty fellow on the winged horse that I photographed earlier.


  1. Oh my god, Notre Dame at sunset, absofuckinglutely amazing.

  2. Agreed, Notre Dame looked spectacular!

    Weird aside, in my vampire book that I finished reading today Joan of Arc was a character in it and she was a half vampire half human hybrid. She got killed by ghoul plotting.

    True story.