Friday, 29 April 2011

Venice the sixth

I think I’ve accidentally got on the Chicago-New York train – my whole coach is filled with Americans. It’s lovely though, I have a single seat that’s both aisle and window, a place to plug in my laptop, and a welcoming coffee of surprising goodness. The experience smashes flying to a pulp. If only air travel was done in trains.

My last morning in Venice I had just enough time for a final canalside cappuccino (view pictured above), fulfilment of the mission to procure a Venice refrigerator magnet, and packing. For some reason my luggage seems a lot more manageable than it did leaving Paris. I fear that I'm shedding my belongings as I go, although my Venice hotel room was on the fourth floor with no elevator, so maybe I'm just more conditioned *flexes

 [Mostly for the Trends people] And good work Karina and Al, who had another boy. This was stuck on the building next to my Venice hotel (é nato Samuel – Samuel was born). Now I’m agitating for them to call the baby Samuel, because I’m sure he’d love to explain to people later in life that he was named after a ribbon.

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