Wednesday, 31 October 2012

New York the twelfth

Sorry I don't have a more harrowing tale of how I survived Hurricane-then-no-longer-a-hurricane Sandy. You're welcome to tell people that someone you know was in New York City the night Sandy hit and got a pretty good sleep, aside from being woken up by a phone call from someone wanting to speak to Joan Jones from Australia and who tried to pass on the message anyway because "well, you sound Australian".

Cool story bro.

I walked as far south as 23rd Street this morning to get a misleading-perspective photo of the Flatiron Building. The power is out south of 39th (I was spared darkness by just two blocks!) so the walk down was...well, lacking coffee, but I didn't see any major devastation.

Coming back up 5th I finally thought to take a photo of the Empire State Building. Eh, I'm not really a fan.

I much prefer the Chrysler Building. And that's Grand Central Station on the left.

I was all excited for missing children, but it seems New York milk cartons advertise Broadway musicals.

Central Park is still closed for business, so the most I could do was look longingly and take photos.

Southwest entrance to Central Park. I tell you, there's a lot of perplexed loitering in the city at the moment.

Crane of Dangling Doom. Also, see how that lamp post is missing a lamp? That's because it was lying on the footpath all smashed to crap.

Squiggle Zealand at Columbus Circle.

Pumpkinville, near Times Square.

The Halloween parade, which I was really looking forward to, has been postponed and the status of the basketball game I'm going to on Thursday is pending - but even if it goes ahead the Brooklyn-bound transport situation is looking to be pretty bleak.

Trying not to pout. Bigger picture and all that. But still!

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