Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Florence the fifth

This what the weather widget looks like at the moment. It's an accurate assessment.

Not a lot to tell about today. It being a Monday, and the first Monday of the month, and the day after a public holiday, a lot of things were closed, but I was happy enough to meander and potter about and concoct a rather good lunch of broccoli tagliatelle.

Sigh. Another church. For a change I'd like to see a nice Satanarium. I really wanted to see the inside of this because I believe it to be amazing, but alas, shut up tight.

Another giant gate.

It's all, apparently, part of the old city walls, made to keep out enemies and giants and dead Jews (there was a Jewish cemetery back up the road with a sign explaining it was placed there because Jews couldn't be buried within the city walls - real classy, guys).

...and bicycles. This one died waiting for its owner to come back.

Impending doom.

Impendinger doom. I was lingering because I thought it would be exciting to be caught out in a storm, but mostly it was just wet (from the waist down at least - my umbrella proved its worth with steadfast right-way-outedness). There was some decent thunder, but nothing bone shaking.

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