Thursday, 12 May 2011

Florence the fourteenth

I gave in to fatheadedness and decided to walk to San Miniato al Monte (al Monte being 'the mountain') on a day forecast to be 28 degrees.

Son of a... Look it's even killing that woman, and she lives on this street. The route I took led me uphill, then to my extreme shock and disgust downhill, negating all prior effort and leading to even more intense uphill.

At least I got to see Galileo's house on the way up. "Spare him his life from this monstrosity" was evidently a reference to this hill.

Porta San Giorgio, oldest in the city and gateway to scenic bins.

A fleeting glimpse of my destination. And miles to go before I pee. It actually wasn't that long a walk, I just like to whinge.

Finally. Arrival and resultant panorama. Mmm, panoramy.

Part of the cemetery that surrounds the cathedral. The whole place, inside and out, was giving me Sound of Music vibes. However, still no word on how to solve a problem like Maria.

The cathedral itself. San Miniato, after whom it is named, was beheaded in Florence, then picked up his own head and walked up the hill with it. So I guess I shouldn't complain.

Inside the cathedral. I liked it. It was relatively rustic, with exposed beams (albeit lavishly decorated ones), exposed stone walls in places, and even a couple of saints shown as preliminary sketches that the artist had never got around to painting. Not shown: ahhhhh coolness. Although to be honest I doubt it got up to 28 degrees. I don't know. As an Aucklander I find it hard to judge humidity-free heat.

The Fakelangelo in Piazzale Michelangelo, famous viewing point, carpark and location of many souvenir stands run by people who assume a poor-quality print of an ugly Che Guevara poster is exactly what I came to Florence to buy.

This! I was so stunned and excited that my oesophagus exploded.

Now I'm all homesick, but for 1997.

I bought a magnet this afternoon, so officially I'm done with Florence. Although I do want to head out early-early tomorrow to get a certain photo hopefully free from flocks of morons.


  1. Holy shit, Georgie Pie! Awesomeness!
    Also, I'm calling shenanigans on that beheading story. This one time, I got beheaded, and its impossible to walk around carrying your head!