Saturday, 21 May 2011

Rome the ninth

I had trouble pulling myself in the direction of the door this morning. I do believe the impending horror of long-haul travel is suffusing my being with deadening dread.

The other day when I was reading about Area Sacra, the probable location of Julius Caesar: The Stabbening, I saw reference to the fact that the site is a cat sanctuary. That's odd, I thought. It's also true. I went past again today, and sure enough, it's a game of spot the kitty down there.

I had just one more neighbourhood to visit - Trastavere. My guidebook promises that it's the most authentic part of Rome. Whatever that means. It's certainly totally photogenic, and mercifully light on the tourists, since there's not many must-see sights.

Giuseppe Gioachino Belli. Poet, strutter, poser.


I love that Trastavere is not stingy with the greenery.

Oh yeah. Vintage Rome.

Santa Maria in Trastavere. It's cute and neighbourly, as cathedrals go.

Trastavere also smelled amazing, owing to the profusion of jasmine. Incidentally, this is where Raphael's mistress lived. Raph, you old dog.

I think this is the botanical gardens. I was disinclined to pay the entrance fee, so I just stole this photo through the fence, then ran away as the guy from the ticket booth chased me while waving a broom. Yes, very authentic indeed!

She's dressed to match the street! I love it!


  1. Happy birthday dude. Gutted when there wasn't a new post today. I was hoping you would, in your infinite wisdom, you decided to become a full-time travel blogger. Oh well Aux isn't too bad. You could blog about the Groove Guide's last issue or doggie fashions on Takapuna Beach or something.