Sunday, 8 May 2011

Florence the tenth

I was pretty much off the radar today. Florence is in the grip of another public festival and I was cruising around enjoying the free music and so on, but ended up kind of maxed out on crowds. And today is barely even exceptional - the streets are always awash with saunterers, which you tend to have less patience with when you're alone. Florence is turning me into an angry New Yorker - or would be if I knew how to say "I'm walking here!" in Italian.

The only truly remarkable occurrence is that a pigeon flew into me. Not full-on splat like the Pisa fresco, but it kind of misjudged and brushed me as it cut across my path. Usually urban birds are more savvy than that. A sad day for pigeonkind.

I also saw this. In Siena it would have made perfect sense, but in Florence I say "What the hell?"


  1. Next time I'm driving past sheep in a paddock I'm checking them for flags.

  2. You should! Undoubtedly the statue commemorates some kind of horrific woolly rebellion.