Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Dublin the fifth

Last day, first stop - one quarter of the national museum. It's spread over four sites - this particular one is history and decorative arts.

This quadrangle don't mess around.

Neither do the Irish when it comes to fightin', as I learned.

These were art inspired by, alas, not liquorice allsorts. Military ribbons.

This was my favourite thing - they've turned the mechanism for the quad's clock into an exhibit. 

Next I went to the Irish Modern Art Museum, which itself respectably quadrangled, and was worth the visit, although not quite on the level of its Scottish equivalent.

View from the museum. There is no denying the hugeness of that obelisk.

I made my way back central to finish of the last bits of shopping, via a cathedral, a cathedral, a castle and a college. This is St Patricks Cathedral.

And this is St Patrick's Square.

Now, I'm off to farewell people at the train station. Everyone's going home for Christmas. Farewell Dublin, you three-flaming-castled bastard!

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  1. Am I getting a three-flamed castle for Christmas? I don't know where I'll make room for it ...

    Here's to today not getting any Jesus-spam!