Monday, 14 December 2015

Galway the second

I arrived in Galway after a plane, a plane, a plane, a bus and a train, unscathed but slightly befuddled, although I did manage to navigate LAX, operate a platform ticket machine and find a Cormac in the process. We got into Galway late, set out in search of dinner and found Christmas markets and I remembered why I was here and everything was amazing.

The next day, exploring:

Statue of Oscar Wilde. I've been trying to exercise my wit in his honour, but it's mostly been taking the form of mocking Cormac's turns of phase, which is ridiculous considering I'm the weird foreigner.

Galway Bay. Did a moderately epic walk along the water's edge.

During our walk we promenaded to and through Salthill. Salthill Promenade went moderately viral last week (see here for the Shatnerian original and here for the funky remix) and there was seaweed where there shouldn't ought to be after the flooding.

Green post box, which is apparently a standard thing and I don't know why I had to come to a museum to photograph one.

Art installation in Galway Museum. It was a cute and interesting museum, much like Galway itself. 

I don't know what happened here though. We either wandered into the future or the fiction wing of the museum, because this exhibit concerned some scientific research from the year 2400, involving eerily illuminated crystals in a dark room.

Pop-up Barvarian-themed bar at one of the Galway Christmas markets. The singer did a Sting cover in such a strong Irish accent that he actually sang "Every little ting she does is magic," which was delightful.

This is why I can never have an Instagram, because I don't photograph my drinks until after I'm finished. Also, did you know mulled wine has spirits in it? Because we did not, until the bartender said "Rum or brandy?"

This carousel is terrifying and these are clearly the 26 ponies of the apocalypse.


  1. I desperately want to know what the 26 ponies of the Apocalypse are.

  2. I'm interested in discovering why Oscar Wilde is also a diamond specialist.

  3. I'm interested in discovering why Oscar Wilde is also a diamond specialist.

  4. I'm interested to know whether you had rum, brandy or both in your mulled wine.

  5. We went with rum because pirates.

    Oscar Wilde IS a diamond, too beautiful for this world.