Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Dublin the fourth

What kind of idiot was I when decided I'd do my Christmas shopping in Dublin? The. Worst.

The rest of the day was fun though! It included a random trip to Red Cow, because Red Cow sounds cute, and I had a day pass for the tram. Yeah, it turns out Red Cow is just a carpark. But Simon's reaction when I told him I'd been to Red Cow was pretty good, so it was kind of worth it.

Other things I saw:

These things, outside the arena. Who knows. Fortunately, art doesn't need to be explained, Warren.

This thing, along the riverside. It's about the size of a shipping container and I thought it might have been a super-exclusive nightclub. Turns out it's an art to disguise some utility pipes. Well played, Bord Gáis.

This bridge.

A grand canal, to be sure. This is the tech hub area of Dublin. I saw a Google!

I went and hung out with Oscar again, because what's not to love about quilted cuffs.

Followed by a stroll through St Stephen's Green.

It was most charming, and I saw some swans get their comeuppance in the fierce wind. Take that, you smug bastards.

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  1. <3 Warren.

    That lady by the arch has a pretty boss fur collar going on.