Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Edinburgh the first

I was momentarily dismayed to find I was arriving in Edinburgh as darkness fell and that somehow a 45 minute flight had sucked up an entire day, but investigation of a clock face revealed it was only 3.30pm. As someone who enjoys a closer relationship with the equator, I find this hard to comprehend.

Edinburgh might be alright, but it's hard to tell under all the Christmas (that's a total lie it's CLEARLY amazing).

Edinburgh's main Christmas market stretches along one bank of what I can't stop thinking is a river. But there is no river. It's just a gully with train tracks in it.

Traditional yuletide centrifugal forces.

Acceptable level of festiveness attained.

Looking down the Royal Mile from Edinburgh Castle, which I hope to storm tomorrow.

Christmas tree of the day.

Now I must get back to this Irish folk ballad I'm composing - "I Left My Toothpaste in Galway".


  1. Go outside, ring a bell, wear a sign that says 'toothpaste donations welcome'.

  2. Edinburgh looks awesome! So many pretty things.

  3. I saw a street performer swallow a sword for spare change yesterday, so I'd have to do a bit better than ringing a bell.