Friday, 18 December 2015

Edinburgh the fourth

I shall sum up today with the help of my friend Roy Lichtenstein:

But first...

Christmas trees of the day. A maze of them. This is the view from the gorgeous National Gallery cafe, where I had second breakfast, because, as a character in one of my favourite books says, "Great art requires stamina" (although originally he said it through a mouthful of food and the protagonist heard "Grey tart requires stamina") BUT I DIGRESS.

First up, the main gallery, where I saw The Honourable Mrs Graham, who I have decided in the Rococo Cordelia Chase. "Hey Gainsborough, look how this ruby brings out my breasts. You know you were thinking it!"

The Murder of David Rizzio! I was just there! 

Onward to the Modern Gallery, where this bleak message in the sculpture garden welcomes you to Modern Two.

The news at Modern One is slightly more optimistic.

So is the landscaping, which is also the art.

Oh, I do like it when an artist looks at all of the colours and says "those will do nicely".

This is pretty much the reason I am in Edinburgh. Not exactly to see the piece itself (although it is cool), but because when it was in Auckland a couple of years ago and I saw it was on loan from the Modern Scottish Gallery, I thought "Wow, they must have an awesome collection. I want to go to there." And so I did and verily it was awesome. They also have my favourite Dali, Exploding Raphaelesque Head, which I didn't even realise was here! And even a Billy Apple! By the end of it I was deep in the overstimulated brain art swoon.

I revived with a walk back along the Water of Leith Walkway, which was uncrowded and pleasant, if a touch unnerving in places where the signage was lacking.

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  1. I remember that exhibition!

    Modern One has given me earworms.