Saturday, 20 October 2012


I'm in Los Angeles. Or, to give it its English name, The Angeles.

Everyone is super-friendly (the security check guy repacked my carry-on for me after I had to pull it to bits for screening, and was really happy to do so), but unredeemed themselves with the patting and the x-raying.

The flight was alright. The girl next to me was watching Grease - I remember "Pinks you punk. Pink slips. Ownership papers?", then next thing Will Smith was punching an alien in the face, so I guess I got some sleep.

I just realised the music coming from that bar over there is a Crowded House cover. Huh.


  1. Hi LA woman!

    Apparently I can't post comments via my phone, even though I almost promise that I'm not a robot.

  2. I don't even remember Will Smith being in Grease, how weird!

    And after 4 tries... I think I proved I'm not a robot. Fuck me.