Monday, 29 October 2012

New York the tenth

This morning I knocked off the last of the major museums on my list, the Museum of Modern Art. MOMA. MO-MO-MO-MO-MOMA.

There's some pretty interesting stuff in there, but also an uncomfortably large number of essentially blank canvasses. Oh how I wish I'd been the one to invent the concept of passing that off as art.


Starry Night. I quite like this.

The Scream. I don't really care for this, but here it is. Also, what did you think of my "people looking at art" photographic series?

MOMA sculpture garden. Those chairs may well be art.

When I take my glasses off this photo turns into an Impressionist painting.

Picasso's goat.

Trying to take an artful photo of art. Failing.

Later on I sauntered around Greenwich Village and parts adjacent. It's nice.

It's also full of monsters! Muahahahaha!

Not sure what to make of all this storm business. Abbey's already told me to stand back, but it doesn't feel like there's a hurricane coming through. I did buy a couple of bottles of water, partly as a concession to panic, but mostly to use up this endless stack of dollar notes I've been accumulating.


  1. Good luck with Hurricane My Mum! (If you weren't aware, mum's name is Sandy...)

  2. Ha, reading these on my phone is informative but doesn't always do the photos justice. I just went "ARGH, skellington!"