Sunday, 21 October 2012

New York the second

So that view is much better during the day. Which is lucky, because that's when my camera takes much better photos.

I can see all the way to Downtown and the river. So cool!

I walked just wherever today, aiming to soak up some typical New Yorkness and what have you, and ended up going down to the southern tip of Manhattan and back.

Typical New Yorkness, somewhere around Midtown.

This is Abe Lebewohl Triangle on the intersection of Stuyvesant Street and 10th Street, and I think this makes me the only person ever to make a pilgrimage to a location from a Step Up movie. Dayna might remember. Or she might facepunch me for implicating her.

Future Hallowe'enkins outside a grocer's shop.

Oh yeah.

Some rad street art on Bowery. Mix it up, Mr Monopoly! Or, more likely, an Important Political Statement.

The Financial District from kind of under Brooklyn Bridge. I could totally live in that building, 8 Spruce Street, for just $2865 per month!

New York Stock Exchange. Buy! Buy! Sell!

Battery Park, and Jersey City in the background.
 Lurking in the bushes to take a photo of shirts versus skins.

I saw a chalkboard outside this place saying "We have flat white!", and threw aside old ladies in my haste to get inside. Where I saw this on the counter. Hehe. I'm Hugh Jackman, and I approved this coffee.

Hugh don't lie - it was a good coffee, and the cafe, which he actually owns, has this view (that's a tiny Statue of Liberty there), so well played on both counts, Jackman.

This dude was scampering up next to people showing off the size of his nut.

This is part of the walkway that goes around the lower west edge of Manhattan.

I'm currently watching Saturday Night Live live from New York. It's...pretty much the same as watching it the next day on the internet. Except that I can see the building it's being broadcast from out the window. Yep.


  1. That walkway is tremendous. Okay, everything looks tremendous. Except maybe that squirrel, who is probably trying to give you rabies.

    I will try to insert "Great Jones!" into my lexicon.

  2. SQUIRREL! Do you love how pedestrians rule and cars go out of their way not to maim you? A nice change from the Auckland CBD. Live from New's Saturday Night!

  3. It's kind of like Rome that way - as long as you're not trying to cross against against the signal, if you just step out drivers will reward your confidence by not killing you. I've been trialling the same approach in Auckland's ridiculous shared spaces, with mixed results.

    I wouldn't mind getting squirrel rabies - it sounds cute.

  4. I vaguely recognise the Step Up location stalk! High five!

    I wonder what would happen if you messed with that squirrel's nuts?

  5. Promenade recently: