Friday, 26 October 2012

New York the seventh

Want to hear a ridiculous story? I was on the Upper West Side, and decided to cut across Central Park to the East Side. I emerged from the park about 20 minutes later, about ten blocks up. And still on the West Side.

If I ever brag about my Girl Guide survival skills again, please just throw a cardboard box at me.

I blame the squirrels for disorienting me. They're absolutely everywhere and they're adorable.

I didn't see too much of the park (although I did see some parts twice!), but it's nice and autumny. Fally.

Goddamn Egyptian obelisk.

Seven billion enslaved crab-people were killed during its construction.

Steps of the Met. I totally sat on them. XOXO

The Met is a beast. Not only does it contain approximately all the art, it ate another building. Don't mess with the Met. In return it will show you cool stuff, like an exhibition of work by Warhol and his influencees. Soup can, Coke bottles, turquoise Marilyn, many Marilyns - all the Warhol standards.

I was also quite taken with the musical instruments section (I can honestly say I have never seen so many bassoons at one time), and oddly, the American furniture. But more to the point - I am not in that mirror. Why am I not in that mirror? What? How? Which?

Hey Upper East Siders! Nice 'kins!

I booked to do the NBC studio tour tomorrow evening. There's no new SNL this weekend so I don't expect to see anyone really interesting, but guess who's going to be on Fallon tomorrow?


  1. Central Park is the raddest. Listen out for woodpeckers!

    Also, hang round the NBC store and bug them for Fallon monologue rehearsal tickets!

  2. My reaction to this is a blurble of Met statues! You're a wardrobe! Great pumpkins! AND FEAR OF THE CRAB PEOPLE.