Monday, 22 October 2012

New York the third

I spent most of today loitering in and around Times Square, waiting for my show and watching tourists do weird stuff, like flipping compulsively through racks and racks of I heart NY T-shirts. What, do they think the next one might say "I Squirtle NY"?

Nobody needs to see photos of Times Square, but here are some anyway... 

The show I saw, The Book of Mormon, was extremely silly and I really liked it. Aside from the dancing, which is something that gives me the icks in most musical theatre - all that standard kick, twirl, clap, kick, clap, kick, jazz hands, really, what is it adding?


  1. Broadway just makes me think of Vegas with all it's plays and famous people in plays. Except, instead of plays Vegas has shows.

    ... I think that made sense in my head before I started.

    Anyway, go see Matthew Broderick, cos he's dorky cool.

  2. He is dorky cool! You just made me remember when he was on 30 Rock a couple of weeks ago.


  3. Yay Book of Mormon! Such a good show, in such a weird theatre. Did you go to Toys R Us? It has a ferris wheel INSIDE the store. Also, Shake Shack. Find one and eat a burger. But probably not the Times Square one cos it's insane.