Tuesday, 30 October 2012

New York the eleventh

Weird day today. No subway, no buses, hardly any shops open, tourists with nowhere to take their money wandering around stupidly. I did spend most of the day out walking, but I stayed pretty close to my hotel in case I needed to recover quickly from saturation, and it's kind of a bummer to be here and not be able to do things.

The sewer mutants will be partying underground tonight!

New York Pubic Library. Wish this had been open, but it's right by my hotel so hopefully I'll get to see inside it at some point.

This is pick and mix, Lego Store style - you grab a small or large cup and fill it with whatever pieces you want. It's so awesome I can't stand it. I've never even seen orange Lego. Lime! Navy! Magenta!

The empty ice and no flags of 30 Rock. I wonder if some poor NBC intern had to take down all the flags.

Because I was there anyway I went and peeped in the window of the Today Show (now that I know where and what it is - NBC studio tour, entertaining and educational), and totally got myself on TV. I'm practically Tina Fey.

Oh. What's up, Atlas?

Back of St Patricks Cathedral. The front is covered with my old nemesis, scaffolding.

The weather has been unextreme in Midtown - no worse than any tempestuous day in Auckland. All that severe stuff on the news is happening on the ocean coasts, of which Manhattan has none. It does have tidal rivers, and the the lower tip of the island may flood when the tide comes in, but up in Midtown it's mostly inconvenienced out-of-towners.


  1. Ah well, better the inconvenience of boredom than the inconvenience of having a sculpture fly into your face. That's like a famous quote or something.

  2. Should the subway end up all flooded and shit, you could always grasp the opportunity to pitch Auckland's City Whale Link aqua-transport proposal to the city's administrators as a viable alternative. They can add it as an amendment to the New York Plan, the New York Annual Plan, and the New York Unitary Plan. They can let everyone know about it in the next edition of OurNewYork. They may face some opposition from The Bronx Local Board, however.

    I'm all out of bad council jokes.

    Kind regards,

  3. This is a Brooklyn-bound pygmy sperm whale. Stand clear of the spurting blowhole please.

    Also, damn you for bringing all that up while I'm on holiday! My state of forgetfulness had been coming along quite nicely.

    Naku noa, na