Tuesday, 23 October 2012

New York the fourth

Plpth! I got a drip of Hudson River in my mouth. Because...I'm on a boat. Or I was.

I went on a pretty sweet cruise right around the island of Manhattan. While that northeast bit looks a little like I may have been voyaging on the Land Titanic, there is in fact water all the way around. It was a gorgeous day, perfect for the taking of a billionty photos.

The Financial District. Those two under-construction buildings are the new One and Two World Trade Centre buildings.


Downtown from down river.

Brooklyn Bridge.

Harlem River Drive. That hilly green carry on is what all of Manhattan used to look like before everything was chopped down and flattened.

That's a little rail bridge with a section that turns sideways to let boats through. And in the background, some Jersey shore! With 100 per cent less fake tan and 100 per cent more completely untouched throughout human settlement than the one you're probably thinking of.

George Washington Bridge, and, if you squint, the Little Red Lighthouse, which is a big deal in some kind of children's book nostalgia way. So maybe the US equivalent of Hairy Maclary. Also, who knew the undersides of bridges were so photogenic? Maybe the homeless are on to something...

That freaking aircraft carrier Chris was telling me about, which is the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.

Aaaand some more pics that no one needs to see of Times Square, this time by night. I'm pretty sure it's only Monday, but it's insaneballs out there.

Todays cultural discoveries: 
  • Pop Tarts - disgusting (it's like Kellogg's smooshes together all the factory byproducts from making actual food and puts some sprinkles on top)
  • Diet Snapple - delicious, and with a fun fact on the inside of the lid ("Jack-o-lanterns were originally made out of turnips")
  • McDonald's sundaes - exactly the same (The Clown demands conformity!), but come with a little package of nuts. Heh heh hehehe.


  1. Times Square gets crazier the further you get through the week. I got quite close to freaking out/punching people one night. It's like all the tourists won't venture any further out than Times Square. You'll be amazed how peaceful Central Park is in comparison.

    Oh man I want to go back to New York. stupid lung.


    I had some cinnamon Pop Tarts this one time and they were kind of nice. Oh, I think I got them from Abbey.

    I remember when sundaes had nuts. Stupid mega-allergic kids.

  3. There's giant everything in Times Square. Or maybe not giant - I've no idea how big Mickey and Hello Kitty and Dora are in human terms.

    Costumed walking-around everything, I should say.

  4. How come our tourist spots don't have people randomly dressed up as things? They do in America! We can do it!